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William Herschel Telescope

Wide-field Fibre Optic Spectrograph (WYFFOS)

New WYFFOS Long Camera

First light: April 1995. New WYFFOS Long Camera: 27 July 2004.


Designed and built by: RGO. WYFFOSS Long Camera: ASTRON and ING.

Description: WYFFOS is a multifeed spectrograph which accepts input from AUTOFIB via a fibre optic link. It is mounted on its own dedicated optical table in the WHT GHRIL enclosure. The wide spectral range and high efficiency make it particularly suitable for faint object survey work.

Commissioning of the WYFFOS echelle mode was successfully completed in August 1998. In this mode, one of 5 orders is selected with an order-sorting filter, giving a range on the current CCD of between 580 and 250 angstroms, and highest resolution 0.8 angstroms.

A new camera for WYFFOS with a longer focal length (293mm instead of 132mm of the present camera) was installed in 2004. The new WYFFOS Long Camera provides an adequate sampling of the fibres of the new Small Fibre Module of AutoFib2, increasing the spectral resolving power up to 9500 with the Echelle grating presently available with WYFFOS.

The Long Camera, in combination with a large format CCD, can also allow further developments, such as introducing a larger number of fibres, or significantly increasing the spectral resolution by adopting smaller fibres in multi-object or integral-field spectrographs.

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More photos of this instrument: http://www.ing.iac.es/PR/archive/wht/instruments.html

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