WHT - Nasmyth Adaptive Optics for Multi-purpose Instrumentation (NAOMI)
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William Herschel Telescope

Nasmyth Adaptive Optics for Multi-purpose Instrumentation (NAOMI)

First light: August 2000.


Designed and built by: Astronomy Technology Centre, Durham University, Isaac Newton Group.

Description: The WHT's common-user adaptive-optics facility is called NAOMI. It is designed to deliver near-diffraction-limited performance at a wavelength of 2 microns using natural guide stars. Specifically, it should deliver, under median-seeing conditions, Strehl > 0.25 over 50% of the sky, and Strehl > 0.7 over 5% of the sky. At shorter wavelengths, the performance will not be diffraction limited, but there will be partial correction, probably FWHM < 0.2 arcsec at 0.7 microns. NAOMI will operate with natural guide stars, but has been designed for simple upgrade to laser-guide-star operation. Like ELECTRA, NAOMI will sit on the GHRIL bench at the Nasmyth focus. It will have separate ports for optical and IR cameras. Initially, imaging will be available at the IR port using INGRID and may be available at the optical port. Optical spectroscopy will be available via the TEIFU fibre feed to WYFFOS. The reference star must lie within NAOMI's field of view, 2.9 arcmin in diameter. 

NAOMI uses the same 76-element deformable mirror as ELECTRA.

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More information:

More photos of this instrument: http://www.ing.iac.es/PR/archive/wht/instruments.html

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