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13 February, 2012

Workshop: La Palma and Calar Alto Observatories, Science in the Next Decade

Madrid, 22-23 March 2012
Registration deadline: 5 March (with presentation), 15 March (without)

We announce a two-day workshop organised by ING together with our colleagues at the Calar Alto Observatory, on the topic of "Science with mid size telescopes at ORM and CAHA in the next decade".

The workshop, sponsored by RIA (Spanish Astronomical Infrastructure Network) will take place at the CDTI Building, in Madrid, 22-23 March 2012.

The goal of the workshop is to allow users to present their science plans, and discuss topics such as instrumentation needs, observing modes, the need for long-term programmes and the need for coordination with other observatories. This workshop follows in the footsteps of the 'Science with the WHT 2010-2020' workshop held in London in 2010. We encourage ING users from all communities to attend and express their views about the use of our observatory during the next decade. In turn, the observatories will present the current state of their planning for the coming decade. You can get a flavour of ING's future plans at

This workshop will share sessions with a related workshop on "Contributions of Spanish Observatories to ESA's Gaia mission (21-23 March)".

Below is the First Announcement for the two workshops (in Spanish). RIA workshops are intended to be dynamic, informal meetings with ample time for discussions.

Details and registration are at

Both the oral and the poster contributions are available.

Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid on March 22,

Marc Balcells
Director ING

Matilde Fernández
Directora IAA

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