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ING Newsletter No. 8, September 2004

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Reference: ING Newsl., No. 8, page 25.
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Visits to ING and Open Days

On 18 July and 15 August two Open Days were organised, on which the public was invited to visit both the WHT and the INT. The total number of visitors was 2853 split into 80 tours. Also on 20 August another Garafía’s Day was organised on which 160 people in 4 tours were shown round the WHT. Apart from Open Days, a total of 1862 visitors in 84 tours were shown round the WHT and occasionally the INT from December 2003 to August 2004.

Some VIP visitors in the last 10 months were: the Presidente of AURA, Bill Smith, and the NSO director (ATST-IP), Steve Keil, visited the WHT on 27 October; on 29 January the Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque visited the WHT; on 25 July the Spanish Education and Science Minister, María Sansegundo, visited the WHT at night accompanied by other ministry members; on 26 August the president of the Spanish Research Council, Carlos Martínez, visited the WHT. ¤

Figure 1 Figure 2
Left: Pedro Duque accompanied by René Rutten and Francisco Sánchez [ JPEG | TIFF ]. Right: Spanish minister María Sansegundo at the WHT [ JPEG | TIFF ].

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