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ING Newsletter No. 7, December 2003

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Personnel Movements

The most difficult aspect of the changes ING is going through is that several of our personnel have left or will be leaving ING. These colleagues have helped building ING and played a role in delivering the service to the community. As a consequence of these changes, both Michael Simpson and Rachael Miles recently left ING.

Theresa Dorward, working in the administration group, is now finding fortune elsewhere, whilst Betty Vander Elst joined this group on a part-time basis. We’re very pleased that Chelo Barreto has returned to her original post after a three-year tour to work at the Joint Astronomy Centre on Hawaii.

Begoña García and Johan Knapen came to the end of their tours and returned to their home institutes in Tenerife and Hertfordshire, respectively. Last year, a new support astronomer, Pierre Leisy, started work at ING under the agreement with the IAC. Also joining the astronomy group as a short-term EU-funded Marie-Curie fellow has been Ilona Soechting.

Two engineers joined ING, also under the IAC agreement: Andy Hide will lead the Telescopes and Instruments group, while Olivier Martin will become primarily responsible for looking after the telescope systems.

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