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ING Newsletter No. 7, December 2003

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The ING Board

The ING Board oversees the operation, maintenance and development of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, and fosters collaboration between the international partners. It approves annual budgets and determines the arrangements for the allocation of observing time on the telescopes. ING Board members are:

Prof J Drew, Chairperson – ICL
Prof T van der Hulst, Vice Chairperson – Univ. of Groningen
Dr G Dalton – Univ. of Oxford
Dr R García López – IAC
Prof T Marsh – Univ. of Warwick
Dr R Stark – NWO
Dr C Vincent – PPARC
Dr S Berry, Secretary – PPARC

ING Director's Advisory Group

The Director’s Advisory Group (DAG) assists the observatory in defining the strategic direction for operation and development of the telescopes. It also provides an international perspective and act as an independent contact point for the community to present its ideas. DAG members are:

Dr M McCaughrean, Chairperson – Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam
Dr M Balcells – IAC
Dr P A James – Liverpool John Moores Univ.
Dr N Tanvir – Univ. of Hertfordshire
Dr E Tolstoy – Univ. of Groningen

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