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ING Newsletter No. 6, October 2002

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Personnel Movements

After many years at ING Nic Walton returned to the UK, to the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, where he is involved in the AstroGrid developments. Nic has been at the heart of various developments at the observatory, from which astronomers continue to profit. Grateful for his efforts, we wish him well in his new career.

Paul Morrall, who worked in the mechanical section for a number of years, also returned to the UK. He now employs his skills in the field of physics at Daresburry Laboratory.

Thomas Augusteijn decided to take up a position as Astronomer in Charge at the Nordic Optical Telescope. Although it is sad to see him leaving ING, it is good that his skills and extensive experience in the observatory ‘business’ have been retained at the ORM.

ING’s second EU-funded Mary Curie Fellow has strengthened our adaptive optics team: Sebastian Els, previously at the University of Heidelberg, arrived in La Palma earlier in the year.

Arami Felipe and María Batista have left the administration group recently to find fortune elsewhere.

Francisco Prada and Javier Licandro have taken up positions as support astronomers.

Chris Evans arrived at ING on a PDRA position to work with Danny Lennon on massive stars.

As part of the financial cutbacks, unfortunately many familiar faces will not be seen at the observatory anymore. I mention Manuel Acosta, Cecilio Alvarez, Sheila Crosby, Inocencio García, Mavi Hernández, John Mills, Peter Moore, and Carlos Ramón who have all left in recent months. Between them, there are many decades of effort dedicated to the ING telescopes, some going back to the very early days of the construction of the observatory, when neither roads nor Residencia, or even the WHT existed! We wish them all well for the future.

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