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ING Newsletter No. 10, December 2005

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Personnel Movements

Clive Jackman escaped our pen on previous occasions, but trust me, he was not forgotten! Clive for many years was ING’s SuperMan in the area of electronics and general systems knowledge. His in-depth practical knowledge build up over many years of experience was often essential to resolve problems quickly. Clive returned to the UK and is now living in Wales.

Richard Bassom left the software team over summer. Richard worked on several of ING’s key systems, and most recently delivered the critical improvements to the Autofib fibre positioning system. Richard, now living in the UK, will retain ties to ING developments through his work on specific projects.

Lucy Lawler has worked for five years as Head of Personnel at ING, but returned to the UK with her family during fall. Lucy played a particularly important role in guiding ING through a difficult period of restructuring, which has now come to an end. She quickly found new employment and is now looking after a company that is a few orders of magnitude bigger than ING.

Chris Evans was appointed as a PDRA at ING. Like all good things in life, also this came to an end. Chris returned to the UK and is now employed at the UK-ATC to work on issues related to the future extremely large telescopes. ¤

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