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The ING Newsletter No. 1, September 1999


Front Cover
R Rutten, Message from the Director
The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
The ING Board and the Instrumentation Working Group
Contacts at ING

N A Walton, M Irwin, R McMahon, J R Lewis, The Isaac Newton Group's Wide Field Survey. Status of the Survey and Associated Pipeline [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
D J Lennon, S J Smartt, P L Dufton, A Herrero, R-P Kudritzki, K Venn, J McCarthy, Extragalactic Stellar Spectroscopy [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
The Cluster of Galaxies Abell 2219 as seen by CIRSI

J Allington-Smith, D Buscher, R Myers, Adaptive Optics at the WHT [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
C Packham, INGRID: A New Near-IR Camera for the WHT [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
P Moore, N Rando, Super Cool Technology [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
R Rutten, Instrumentation Plans for the ING Telescopes [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]

R Rutten, ING and GranTeCan
N Johnson, News from the Computing Facilities Group
[INGNEWS] Mailing List
New Detector on the JKT
S J Smartt, The ING Service Scheme: Performance and Feedback from Users [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
Other Recent ING Publications
G Talbot, IV Site Managers' Meeting
Seminars and Talks given at ING
R Rutten, Openning Policy During the Millenium Rollover
Personnel Movements
Amateurs' Impressions of the Observatory

D Lennon, Applying for Time [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]
Important Dates
Telescope Time Awards Semester 1999B [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]

ING Newsletter No. 1 Front Cover

The whole newsletter in only one file: [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ]. This is a lower quality version: [ PDF | gzipped Postscript ].

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