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Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope


First light (at ING): September 1985.

De-commissioned: 31 July 2003.

Designed and built by: RGO

Description: The JKT is operated east of pier, with the f/15 secondary, and with the JKT Acquisition and Guiding unit (JAG) mounted at Cassegrain. The JAG holds the autoguider, the acquisition TV, the CCD shutter, and the filter wheel with 6 slots for 50x50mm filters. When the acquisition TV is in use, the light path to the CCD is blocked. 

The CCD cryostat is mounted under the JAG. Currently, the default detector is SITe2, a device with 2048x2048 24 microns pixels. For SITe2 the image scale is 0.33 arcsec/pixel, giving an unvignetted field of view of about 10x10 arcmin.

Time allocations:
Nights scheduled since semester 2007B

Observers guide to the JKT and JAG-CCD camera

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