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Isaac Newton Telescope


— Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy spectropolarimeter —

First light (at ING): 29 April 1996.

Designed and built by: European Space Agency (ESA) and Leiden University.

Description: MUSICOS is a fibre fed echelle spectrograph for use on the INT. It is located in the old photographic developing room on the INT observing floor. This instrument fills a niche for high resolution spectroscopy (resolution around 40,000) for objects of intermediate brightness during bright time. It has multi-order capability giving simultaneous coverage of either the 380-590 nm or the 470-830 nm wavelength regions. This device has been developed as part of Multi-Site Continuous Spectroscopy (MUSICOS) project led by Claude Catala (Toulouse/OMP) and Bernard Foing (ESA Space Science Department).

Time allocations:
Nights scheduled since semester 2007B

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