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AUXCAM Parameters with UltraDAS + SDSU Gen.3

Device Identification

Chip name AUXCAM
Year of manufacture 2007
Serial number 06451-03-01

First light on La Palma

November 2007


Deep Depletion with additional fringe suppression and an AR coating peaking at 900nm Chip type CCD44-82-1-D23

Operational Characteristics

Speed  Slow Fast
Bias(ADU) 1900


Gain(e/ADU) 0.92


Noise(e) 2.8 to 3.7
4.7 to 6.5
Noise (ADU) 3.0 to 4.0 2.5 to 3.5

1.5% over full range

0.7% over full range

Full frame readout times(s) 46 27
2K x 2K readout time(s) 23

The detector noise will be somewhere in the range of values shown above, these values were measured at the telescope.

Windowing  : available with no reduction in performance

Binning : available with no reduction in performance
Vertical CTE >0.999999
Horizontal CTE  >0.999999

Physical Characteristics

X Pixel size 15 microns
Y Pixel size 15 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area


Y size in pixels of digitised area 4200
X size of useful imaging area 2048
Y size of useful imaging area


X start of useful imaging area 50
Ystart of useful imaging area 1
LN2 capacity of cryostat 2.5 litres
Distance from back of window to CCD The distance from back of window surface (vertex point) to CCD is 11.37mm
Cryostat window Auxcam has an active cryostat window both surfaces are curved, it has a concave shape.

Operational Parameters

Flooding type none
Operating temperature 158K
Preferred amplifier  LEFT

Measured Characteristics

These graphs refer to RED+, however the AUXCAM chip is identical.


Dark current <4e/hour
Cosmetics dark column: none     bright defects: none

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