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QUCAM2 Parameters with UltraDAS + SDSU Gen.2

NB these figures refer to QUCAM2 when it was used with a Gen. 2 controller. Converted to Gen. 3 on the 8th March 2007

Device Identification

Chip name QUCAM2
Year of manufacture 2005
Serial number 04122-17-01
First light on La Palma May 2005
Description E2V CCD201-20-4-122 Thinned midband AR coated. L3 electron multiplying CCD. Camera Picture

Operational Characteristics

Speed  Fast
Bias(ADU) 2030
Gain(ADU/e) 74
Read Noise(e) 0.08
Linear to(ADU) 
40K (see graph )
40K (see graph )
L3 Gain

Windowed readout times as follows: 
[timings made using the 'rsrun' command]

Window size
Full frame
150 x150 window
150 ms
150 ms
250 x 250 window
320 ms
320 ms
500 x 500 window
1 s
1 s

Windows smaller than 150 x 150 pixels are not recommended because
of bias gradients in the first 30 rows and columns of the window

Windowing : one window only

Binning :

Physical Characteristics

X Pixel size 13 microns
Y Pixel size 13 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area 1072
Y size in pixels of digitised area 1050
X size of useful imaging area 1024
Y size of useful imaging area 1024
X start of useful imaging area 33
 Ystart of useful imaging area 8

Operational Parameters

Operating temperature
173K  (requires 3 hour cool down to stabilise at operational temp, important for gain stability)
Preferred Amplifier

Measured Characteristics

Predicted QE

Dark Current

Cosmetics : low level defects in columns 190 and 742  (see image of 5 added 30 second dark frames)

Some papers describing the use of L3 CCDs see this link
Sample Images and Observing tips for L3 Cameras see this link

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