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Warning : these figures refer to Tek2 when it was used with a Dutch controller and are for reference only.

Tek2 Parameters

Device Identification

Chip name Tek2
Year of manufacture 1993
Serial number 1396CR02-01
First light on La Palma  November 1993
Description  Thinned AR coated

Operational Characteristics

Speed  Slow Standard Quick Turbo Nonastro
Bias(ADU) 996  1088 1231 849 379
Gain(e/ADU) 1.07 1.19 1.62 2.45 4.56
Noise(e) 5.22 4.99 5.77 10.26 22.6
Linear to(ADU) 60k 60k 60k 50k 15k
Readout time(s) 164 112 73 58 40
Binning - NB when binning the readout speed will always be TURBO regardless of the readout speed selected.
Vertical CTE 0.99999
Horizontal CTE 0.99999

Physical Characteristics

Pixel Scale (ISIS red) 0.36 arcsec/pixel
X Pixel size 24 microns
Y Pixel size 24 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area  1124
Y size in pixels of digitised area 1124
X size of useful imaging area  1024
Y size of useful imaging area 1024
X start of useful imaging area 50
Ystart of useful imaging area 0
LN2 capacity of cryostat 2.5 litres
Cryostat window thickness 4 mm
Distance from window to CCD  11.5 mm measured optical path length
Cryostat window size  40 mm x 40 mm

Operational Parameters
Flooding type none
Operating temperature 173k
Preferred amplifier  A

Measured Characteristics

Dark current                           6 e/hour

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