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Warning : these figures refer to SITe1 when it was used with a Dutch controller and are for reference only.

SITe1 Parameters

Device Identification

Chip name SITe1
Year of manufacture  1995
Serial number 1713BR03-01
First light on La Palma  May 1997
Description Image of SITe chip in cryostat

Operational Characteristics

    Speed  Standard  Quick  Turbo 
    Bias(ADU) 1240 995 760
    Gain(e/ADU) 1.35 1.68 2.4
    Noise(e) 6.1 6.4 9.2
    Linear to(ADU) 60k 60k 60k
    Readout time(s) 300 165 125
Binning - NB when binning the readout speed will always be TURBO regardless of the readout speed selected.
Vertical CTE  0.9999999
Horizontal CTE  0.9999997

Physical Characteristics

X Pixel size 24 microns
Y Pixel size 24 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area 2148
Y size in pixels of digitised area 2148
X size of useful imaging area 2048
Y size of useful imaging area 2048
X start of useful imaging area  0
Ystart of useful imaging area 0
LN2 capacity of cryostat 2.5 litres
Cryostat window thickness 4 mm
Distance from window to CCD 14.8 mm

Operational Parameters

Flooding type none
Operating temperature  162K
Preferred amplifier  C (D is possible backup)
Anti-blooming available no

Measured Characteristics

Dark current 3 e/hour
Chip flatness 160 micron convex bow

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