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LOR2 Parameters

Device Identification

Chip name                             LOR2
Year of manufacture                   1997
Serial number                         W14-1
First light on La Palma               ?
Description                           .

Operational Characteristics

Measurements made on ?
Linear to(ADU)
Readout time(s)
Vertical CTE                          0.999979
Horizontal CTE                        0.999962

Physical Characteristics

Pixel Scale (?)                       ? arc/pixel
Field of view (?)                     ?
X Pixel size                          15 microns
Y Pixel size                          15 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area    2148
Y size in pixels of digitised area    2148
X size of useful imaging area         2048
Y size of useful imaging area         2048
X start of useful imaging area        0
Ystart of useful imaging area         0
LN2 capacity of cryostat              2.5 litres
Cryostat window thickness             4 mm
Distance from window to CCD           ? mm
Cryostat window size                  ?

Operational Parameters

Flooding type                         none
Operating temperature                 153K
Prefered amplifier                    R
(known as A by lesser) alternative is L(B)
Network name                          CCD?
Anti-blooming available               no
Orientation of instrument for prefered output
Telemetry values :
RD   6.50V     V-   -15.00V      H+SL  -18.00V
 OD  15.50V     H++   -2.00V      R-SL    1.60V
 OG -12.00V     H-   -14.00V      R+SL  -18.00V
 VSS -7.00V     R+   -18.00V
 ABG ?V         R-   -12.00V
 BG   3.00V     V-SL   2.20V
 ABD  7.00V     V+SL -17.50V
 V++ ?V         H-SL   1.60V

Measured Characteristics

Quantum Efficiency                     @400nm 84%
                                       @530nm 94%
                                       @650nm 88%
Peak non-uniformity in QE across chip
Dark current                           ? e/hour
Point spread function                  ?
Full well bloom limit                  ?
Chip flatness                          19 micron concave bow
Cosmetics                              12 defects

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Last modified: 21 November 2010