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DIPOL-2 is broadband imaging polarimeter, capable of simultaneous observations in B, V and R bands

It has a field of view of 1' in B and approx. 30" in V and R.


  • USER> AGSELECT (none)
  • Zeroset Rot, AZ and ALT
  • USER> FOCUS 100.13 (July 2015 value)
Telescope focus: can be checked on the detector by the observers by comparing images at different focus values.

Autoguider: Guiding is not possible since the back focal distance of 210mm makes it impossible to focus guide stars.

TV: The TV is not used for acquisition.

Since this is a visiting instrument, it's not necessary to find the rotator centre or do a 7-star calibrate. No aperture offset is needed.


Sky flats: Sky flats may be done at the start (or end, though probably not) of the night, with the telescope parked at zenith, and can begin about 10 minutes after sunset. The observer does the sky flats.

Acquisition: Slew to the target and set Sky PA 225. This was used for ALL observations in July 2015, but it could change for the next runs depending on how the instrument is mounted (Sky PA 45 in Jan 2016). Offsets are made with the handset in RA_DEC mode and are typically small (~10"). Pointing was good in July 2015 and there was no need for any spiral searches.

Observations: Typically objects are followed for 1-2 hours at a time without any breaks, and often on the following nights too. Standards may be done just after evening sky flats.

Data Handling

The data are handled by the DIPOL-2 observers and the runs do not appear on ING logs.

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Last modified: 22 January 2016