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WHT old news

2016 September: AF2 will now be available during semester 2017A (INTEGRAL will not).

2016 February: AF2 and INTEGRAL will not be available after the end of 2016B, due to preparatory work for WEAVE (first light expected 2018).

2014 February: Azimuth oscillations fixed. These affected many nights during December 2013 - February 2014, but the problem has not been seen since February 24, following replacement of a failing component in the azimuth power amplifier.

2013 August: WHT lower dome shutter is now again operational.

2013 January: Vignetting at low elevation: the WHT lower dome shutter is currently (and probably until July 2013) out of action, and observations at elevation < 25 deg will be vignetted (plot).

2009 June: ACAM, the WHT's new Cassegrain imager/spectrograph, has successfully been commissioned on-sky.

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Last modified: 15 February 2017