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Usual deadlines

Application periodDeadline
Semester A: 1st February to 31st July15th September (at 24:00 UT)
Semester B: 1st August to 31st January15th March (at 24:00h UT)

How to submit

Proposal preparation requires editing with LaTeX. The submission form is compatible with LaTeX2e. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and test

The PATT2 form template, the style files and an example form are available here (latest version is 09/2018):


Download and unpack to an empty directory:

tar xvf PATT2_Pack.tar

The tar file contains the following files:


style files


Change to the directory where the unpacked files are and test:

latex patt2_example.tex
dvips -o patt2_example.dvi
Compare the file with the provided

Optionally you can submit a PDF version of your proposal. You can either use ps2pdf or pdflatex, see below. In the latter case, please note the following necessary changes:

  1. Convert all figures to EPS or PDF.
  2. In the latex source (file patt2_blank.tex above), uncomment the lines:


ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a4 patt2_example_new.pdf
pdflatex --jobname=patt2_example_new patt2_example_pdf
Compare the file patt2_example_new.pdf with the provided patt2_example.pdf.

Step 2: Edit

Enter the proposal details between the curly brackets {} in the template form, patt2_blank.tex. Refer to the example form if you are unsure of any details. Compile your proposal as described above.

Font sizes should not be reduced from the style-file defaults, and likewise the typeface must not be changed (bold typeface is acceptable). Proposals written in a smaller font or different typeface will not be accepted. The PATT2 style-file, patt2.sty should not be edited; applications are processed at ING with the original versions of the style-files.

Figures larger than 5 Mb (uncompressed size) in total should not be submitted. If you are unable to provide figures within this limit, you may include a URL in your proposal pointing to such figures, so that they can be viewed by referees and assessors (colour diagrams and/or images may also be referenced by URL).

Step 3: Submit

Email the latex source file and accompanying figures:


Subject: "WHT/INT Proposal" [select telescope]

Latex source
Postscript figures [if any]
PDF compiled proposal [optional and recommended]

Please do not attach a tar file, or include the latex source file in the body of the message. On submitting your proposal, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement, and later on, a confirmation that it has been processed. Contact if you don't receive the acknowledgement and confirmation messages in a few days.


The web page applying for telescope time provides general information on how to apply for time on the ING telescopes.

The instrumentation available on the WHT and INT is summarised on the ING instrumentation overview page. Applicants planning to submit a proposal based on a new (to ING) visitor instrument should follow the procedure for new visitor instruments.

For standard proposals the science case should not exceed one page. Text which exceeds this limit will not be read by the panel, and this may adversely affect the grade awarded to your proposal. Proposals to the WHT or INT which are coordinated with other non-ING telescopes, may use a two-page scientific justification.

For eight or more nights on the WHT the PATT2 application form allows a two-page scientific justification. Proposals to the WHT or INT which are long-term, that is which request an allocation (not necessarily eight or more nights) over more than one semester, may use a two-page scientific justification. Observing programmes of less than one night are not accepted on either the WHT or the INT unless agreed in advance by the Director of ING or the Head of Astronomy. For such programmes, please consider applying for service observations.

Applications for override programmes should be submitted to the PATT in the same way as proposals for scheduled time, and will be judged and ranked by the PATT head-to-head with such proposals.

As part of the assessment process, each proposal is assigned to a referee external to the time allocation panel for evaluation. If you have submitted a proposal to the panel in the current or in a recent semester, you may be asked to undertake such a role.

Scientific feedback will be sent to PIs by the ING PATT office a few weeks after the Time Allocation Panel has met.

The UK PATT will accept proposals from a PI employed or studying in countries other than UK. Such international proposals may be assessed by UK PATT, or at its discretion may be passed to an international TAC comprising members of the national TACs, or to the correct national TAC, if the PI is based in a partner country.

Late submissions are not accepted.

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Last modified: 05 March 2021