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Observing Logs

This archive allows you to retrieve WHT/INT/JKT observing logs since 1993. For older searches please refer to the ING Archive. It is possible that some logs are missing, most likely because they were never created (some reasons can bad weather preventing accessing the telescopes or no ING detector used). Observing logs less than one year old (the proprietary period) are not available via this interface. Please contact your support astronomer or ING Head of Astronomy to obtain a copy of a log created during the last year.

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Telarchive is a program that allows you to search a number of online archives, including ING's. Below you can search the ING Archive using Telarchive.
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Other search tools
Astro-WISE provides various virtual observatory tools which facilitate mining the ING Archive.
MASFO (Mega Archive Search Fixed Objects) is a tool provided by the EURONEAR collaboration. It searches for one or few fixed celestial objects (stars, galaxies, nebulae, etc) in the Mega Archive, which includes the ING Archive.
Mega Precovery is a tool provided by the EURONEAR collaboration. It facilitates the precovery and recovery of known or new asteroids or comets from the Mega Archive, which includes the ING Archive.


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