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LIRIS darks after the observations

There is a way to do semi-automatically the darks after the observations are finished either due to morning or bad weather. This script will look into what exposure times were used for science exposures. Thus, it is recommended to use exposure commands flat, sky, arc etc. in order to optimize the dark script.

For simplicity type in the IRAF window that you have open in your observing system

ecl> !~whtobs/liris/Dark/liris_dark

Follow the instructions. The script will ask for the beginning of the night in the form YYYYMMDD. The script will create a shell script that one has to run in the pink window. Generating the script can take some minutes depending on how many different exposure time were used.

Make sure dome is dark and petals are closed. Eventually one can copy paste the following command

SYS> ~whtobs/liris/Dark/

This script will issue lblanks and eventually to sleep with lspeep. You can optimize by issiung lblanks already while the script is being made as this will take some while.

In the morning, agree with OSA about how to leave the darks running.

Note that if you submit the night report before or during running this script you will not get all your files shown in your night log. The log will only show the files that have been saved up to the time when the log is created. There is no problem submitting the log before end of the dark script.

Report any problems to instrument specialist (rk).

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Last modified: 18 October 2018