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William Herschel Telescope

PFIP: Prime Focus Imaging Platform

— Prime focus imager —

First light (at ING): November 1993. In 1999 the new WHT mosaic camera saw first light. This consists of two CCDs covering 16×16 arcminutes.

De-commissioned: 20170131

Designed and built by: RGO, with the assistance of Optical Surfaces Ltd for cementing the optics. The new WHT mosaic camera was designed and built by Simon Tulloch (RGO and ING).

Description: The Prime Focus Imaging Platform (PFIP), which includes a facility for multi-object spectroscopy with AUTOFIB-2 and WYFFOS, consists of the prime focus instrument platform, corrector and atmospheric dispersion corrector (ADC). The new WHT mosaic camera has two 4k×2k EEV CCDs, covering 16 arcminutes at 0.24 arcsec/pixel.

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