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Research Staff and Their Interests

Below are listed the names and research interests of the current members of the ING astronomy group, of ING observing support assistants (telescope operators) and of research visitors. The names of former members of the astronomy group can be found on the former research staff, students and visitors web page.

A list of papers by ING astronomers, sorted in descending order of publication date, is provided by ADS.

For phone numbers, see the the ING staff list. The instrument responsibilities of individual members of the group are given on the instrumentation overview.

PostPublicationsResearch interests
Richard AshleyrashleyObserving Support AssistantADSWhite dwarfs and compact binary objects
Marc Balcells [web] directorDirector INGADSGalaxy evolution at low and high redshift. Galaxy transformations through interactions and mergers. Bulges of disk galaxies.
Chris Benn [web] crbHead of AstronomyADSBroad-absorption-line quasars, exoplanets.
Lilian DomínguezldpObserving Support ScientistADSEvolution of galaxies at intermediate redshift: bulges and disks of disk galaxies, early-type galaxies.
Cecilia FariñacfObserving Support ScientistADSMassive stars and massive star formation. Young stellar populations. Star-forming regions.
Emanuel GaftonegaSoftware EngineerADSNumerical relativity, high-performance computing, tidal disruptions and black hole accretion
Raine KarjalainenrkObserving Support ScientistADSPlanetary rings, exoplanets.
Marie Karjalainen (excedencia 3/12/18 - 2/12/19)mhObserving Support ScientistADS M. Hrudkova
ADS M. Karjalainen
Stellar oscillations and planets of G and K giant stars, transiting extrasolar planets.
Emilie LhoméelhomeOptical EngineerADSOptical instrumentation for astronomy, wide-field spectroscopy, nulling interferometry, exoplanets, characterization of historic instruments
Javier Méndez [web] jmaScheduler, Service and Override Manager, Astronomy Computing, PR Officer, LibrarianADSPlanning public communication in research organisations; type-Ia SN companions; historical type-Ia SNe; type-Ia SNe and cosmology.
Lara MonteagudolaraObserving Support AssistantADSStar formation history in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
Neil O'MahonynomOptical EngineerADSOptical turbulence, DIMMs, wavefront sensing, optical testing, adaptive optics and astronomical filters
Fiona RiddickfionaObserving Support AssistantADSBrown dwarfs in star-forming regions.
Ian SkillenwjiSenior Support AstronomerADSExoplanets, distance scale.
Jure SkvarčjureSoftware EngineerADSAstronomical instrumentation and software, telescope control systems, robotic telescopes, adaptive optics, minor planets, comets.
Lucía SuárezlsuarezObserving Support AssistantADSChemical abundances in stars with and without planets.
Ovidiu Vaduvescu [web] ovidiuvObserving Support ScientistADSDwarf galaxies, near Earth asteroids, data mining and surveys, education and public outreach, astronomical observatories.
Home institutionING supervisorResearch interests
Belén Alcalde PampliegabelenalcUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, Spainhigh redshift galaxies, galaxy evolution,instrumentation
Thomas A. Davison tdavisonUniversity College London, UKGalaxy formation, compact & early dwarf galaxies, observing, telescopes, public outreach, astrophotography
Luke Holden lholdenUniversity of Sheffield, UKActive Galactic Nuclei, Galaxy Evolution, Instrumentation, Public Outreach
David Nespral dnespralIAC, SpainExoplanets, atmospheres, transit photometry, observing, public outreach
Abel de Burgos Sierra [web] abelburgosUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, SpainStellar physics and stellar associations, supergiants, cold stars, observing, instrumentation, space, astrophotography
Research visitorsUsername
(phone ext.)
Home institution ING contact Research interests
Steve GuestSTFC, UKChris Benn
Huw MorrisSTFC, UKChris Benn
Viktoria PinterUniversity of Craiova, RomaniaOvidiu VaduvescuDwarf elliptical galaxies, near Earth asteroids, gravitational waveforms

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