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Articles on the WHT

This 23 page article by Alec Boksenberg describes the WHT, instruments and detectors very well. It was published in 1985 in Vistas in Astronomy, 28, 531. PDF.

First Light article written by Paul Murdin and Alec Boksenberg published in Astronomy Now, 1, July-September 1987 (reproduced with the permission of the editors). The whole article (PDF) | smaller version (PDF).

"A Night On The William Herschel Telescope", by Paul Murdin (Astronomy Now, June 1988). PDF

In this article published in Popular Astronomy in October 1988, Ian Ridpath introduces the WHT. PDF.

This article, written by Ian Ridpath, was published in Sky and Telescope in August 1990 (S&T, 80, 136). It describes the WHT and the way observations are carried out. PDF.

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