Photographic Plates in use at ING
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Photographic Plates

Photographic Plates were in use at INT and JKT since 1984. However, they were quickly replaced as common detectors by the CCDs and IPCS devices due to their higher versatility and efficiency. Only the photographic Wide Field Camera at the JKT continued to use the plates until it was decommissioned in May 1996.

The emulsions used at ING were coated on to 356mm square glass, 1mm thick. The typical emulsions available were the following Eastman-Kodak types:

EmulsionGrain typeSpectral sensitivity
IIa-Omediumuv to 500nm
IIIa-Jfineuv to 540nm
IIa-Dmediumuv to 650nm
IIIa-Ffineuv to 690nm

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Last modified: 23 July 2015