Photos of the 70's site testing
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The Beginnings

Rein Bakker's Photos and Comments

Map of the route how we walked up to the site. As you see, we didn't walk along the rim. Location of the cabins on the site. The middle one we lived in (see the wal!). The left one was for supplies. The right one was for spare parts. 1 October 1975. The pole in the foreground was the antennae which kept the temperature reader. You can see the path along which we walked up coming from the left. The path left to the lower corner lead to the place from where the picture was taken (near the telescope). The path to the right went to the third cabin.13 October 1975.
A good view of the windbreaking wall taken with a telelens. 1 October 1975. Mule at main cabin. 1 October 1975. New supplies are brought up by mule after the forest fire. Watch the paint to mark the path up to the telescope. 14 October 1975.
An overall view of the site. The white box contained the recorder of humidity readings.1 October 1975. Myself as a student astronomer. The windmeter was located right next to the telescope which had a lenshood on both sides while not in use. Look at the white paintspots which helped to find the path in darkness.13 October 1975. Watch the face in the rock below the telescope. 6 October 1975.
Taken from the other side. 1 October 1975. Neil Anderson. A Scottish student astronomer from Edinburgh. The forest fire came as close as this, approximately 1 kilometer to the North. 7 October 1975.
The goats gather on top during the forest fire. We had to put wire around the pole to prevent the cables from being chewed through. Some equipment of the second telescope is lying around. 7 October 1975. Neil Andersen surrounded by goats. 7 October 1975.

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