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9 February, 2012

Input from UK Users Sought for STFC Science Board Review of ING and JAC

Deadline 22 February 2012

ING's plans for the coming decade were presented to STFC Science Board in November 2011. In order to reach a decision by April 2012, Science Board set up a sub-group to examine our proposal (and that presented for JCMT and UKIRT). STFC's announcement is at

We note that STFC are requesting input from the UK astronomical community, in particular with regard to the following question:

"Have there been any major recent changes in the circumstances of the JCMT, UKIRT and/or ING, for example with regard to their prospective future science programmes coupled with present or potential new instrumentation, that significantly add to the scientific competitiveness of the facilities? If yes, please detail these changes and their implications for the STFC Astronomy programme."

We at ING strongly encourage ING users to submit their views. Input is being collected via the Astronomy Forum representative in your Department. Please find out who your representative is, and send him/her your views on the above question, and, more generally, on your interest in continued access to the ING telescopes.

To give you a better feel for what ING will offer the community, we describe ING plans for the next decade at:

The deadline for submission of your inputs is 22 February 2012.

More on this process in STFC's presentation at the December 2011 Astro Forum meeting:

Many thanks for this valuable contribution to the future of the STFC's island sites.

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