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Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope

Multi-purpose Photometer (MPF)

First light:

Last commissioning: 1994.

Designed and built by:

Description: The Multi-purpose Photometer (MPF) was built by J. Tinbergen at Leiden University. In this instrument light passes through an optional calibrator and is focussed on to a single or double diaphragm; the latter is for sky-chopping. After passing through an optional polarizer for linear polarimetry, the beam continues through two optional neutral density wedges and three optional neutral density filters to the collimator and an electro-mechanical shutter. The dichroic beam-splitter assembly yields up to six beams; three beams between 3000 and 6000 Å, the other three between 4500 and 9000 Å. Each of these beams is then split again, normally by a neutral beam-splitter, to form a pair for Hß type photometry. The final beams pass through three-position filter slides and Fabry lenses to the photocathodes.

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