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M33 Galaxy M33 Galaxy. The image on th left was obtained with the mosaic CCDs of the Wide Field Camera at the INT. The image is a composition of frames taken in three narrow bands: the green colour represents the galaxian emission in [OIII] nebular line, red is the H-alpha hydrogen emission and blue is mainly stellar light taken through a continuum filter centred at 555.0 nm (Stromgren Y). In only one observing night, and with two positioning of the telescope, it was possible to cover the whole galaxy which has a size of approximately one degree in the sky. Landscape DIN-A4: [ JPEG | TIFF ]. The image on the right is a combination of three broad band filters using the 2 detector WHT Prime Focus camera. Exposure time was 10s. If the right filters are combined it's possible to get a so-called true-colour image. [ JPEG | TIFF ]

Horse Head Nebula The Horse Head Nebula. This image is just a 10s exposure using the 2-detector prime focus camera on the WHT. This new camera contains two EEV-42-80 thinned CCDs to provide a 4K x 4K pixel mosaic. Each pixel is 13.5µm square. The active area of the mosaic measures 55.8 x 55.35 mm, with a 0.53 mm gap between the chips. [ JPEG ]

INT CCD image in the near IR of the galaxy NGC 6822. The fact that this galaxy is near enough for us to be able to resolve a large number of its individual stars makes it possible to study the star formation history based on colour-magnitude diagrams built from individual photometry. [ GIF | BMP ]

WHT Prime Focus Mosaic CCD camera Mosaic of 2 chips used in the WHT Prime Focus Camera. The field of view covered is 16.4 × 16.4 arcminutes and the readout time is shorter than 1 minute. [ JPEG | TIFF ]

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