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Information Technology at ING: some interesting figures

During 2000A, 400 disc towers will be integrated into the ING archiving system and increase the on-line storage capacity ten fold. The DVD library will operate in parallel with the CD library and pick up the increased number of images generated by the UltraDAS computers and SDSU controllers. Capacity will be doubled again in 2000B with the addition of a device to flip the DVDs over and allow writing to both sides of the disc giving 9.4GB of data storage per disc. 

The INT boasts one of the fastest workstations in the Canary Islands with its dual processor Sun Ultra 60 and 1 GB of RAM. The wide field camera on the INT produces about 5-10 GB of data per night. Basic reduction of this data takes about half a day which can be done on the INT computers during day time while the astronomer is asleep.

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Last modified: 13 December 2010