Appendix G. Seminars
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ING Annual Report 2002-2003

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Appendix G

Date Title Speaker University / Institution


23 Jan Star Clusters in NGC 4038/39 (The Antennae) S. Mengel Leiden
28 Jan The Shape of Balmer Lines of AGNs: Contribution of the Accretion Disk L. Popovic Belgrade Obs., Serbia
21 Feb Massive Black Holes in Spiral Galaxies D. Axon Hertfordshire
21 Mar Lyman-break galaxies: Are they forming bulges? S. Rix IoA
25 Mar Adaptive optics developments on Mauna Kea, Hawaii C. Benn ING
23 Apr Binary subdwarf-B stars and the origin of Extreme Horizontal Branch stars P. Maxted Keele
16 May The surface of icy minor planets: trans-neptunian objects, Centaurs, comet nuclei and J. Licandro CGG & TNG

trojan asteroids

21 May Double Bars, Inner Disks, and Fossil Nuclear Rings: The Strange and Complex Interiors P. Erwin IAC

of Barred Galaxies

24 May The EURO-50 project: The world’s largest telescope at the ORM R. Rutten ING
3 Jun TASCA: the Tololo All-Sky CAmera H. Schwarz CTIO, Chile
4 Jul AstroGrid: Creating the UK’s Virtual Observatory N. Walton IoA
18 Jul Red Giants in the Magellanic Clouds M. Rosa Cioni ESO, Germany
30 Jul Lucky exposures: diffraction limited CCD imaging B. Tubbs IoA
7 Aug Dynamical Processes in the Central Kpc and AGN I. Shlosman JILA & Kentucky, USA
12 Aug AGN-selected clusters as revealed by weak lensing M. Wold IPAC, USA
26 Aug A study of B-type line-profile variables in close binaries K. Uytterhoeven Leuven, Belgium & Mercator Tel.
27 Aug Planetary Exospheres C. Barbieri Padova, Italy
30 Aug Star formation in spiral galaxies S. Folkes Hertfordshire & ING
30 Aug The exceptional Dwarf Nova, V485 Cen H. Worters Sheffield & ING
18 Sep The results of binary white dwarf mergers S. Jeffery Armagh Observatory
29 Oct The nature of stellar disk truncations in galaxies M. Pohlen IAC
7 Nov The dynamical structure of the Kuiper Belt M. Melita Queen Mary, London
21 Nov The winds from the most luminous stars J. Vink Imperial College London
27 Nov The SOAR telescope H. Schwarz CTIO & NOAO, Chile
10 Dec The MAGIC telescope J. Cortina Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
17 Dec The SOAR telescope X. Gong Nanjing, China


13 Jan The luminosity-metallicity relation of dwarf irregular galaxies I. Saviane ESO, Chile
27 Jan Eclipsing binaries in open clusters J. Taylor Keele
31 Jan Nucleosynthesis in the Early Galaxy B. Nordstrom Lund, Sweden & Copenhagen
18 Feb Star Streams in the Milky Way: Fragments of its History P. Harding Case Western Reserve, USA
27 Feb Kinematics perturbations and low activity galaxies connection L. Colombon ING
28 Feb Integral field spectroscopy at the AIP S. Sánchez Potsdam, Germany
12 Mar Planet formation: a new way to observe them forming S. Els ING
18 Mar Observing double white dwarfs: test for common envelope theory, type Ia supernova G. Nelemans IoA

progenitor models and gravitational wave noise predictions

25 Mar Measuring the time delay of the lensed quasar HE1104–180 E. Ofek Tel Aviv, Israel
21 Apr Spectroscopic observations of asteroids: the S3OS2 and Vestoids Project D. Lazzaro Rio de Janeiro Obs., Brasil
24 Apr Environment of Quasars I. Söechting ING
7 May Short GRBs: an unsolved enigma G. Gandolfi CNR, Roma, Italy
8 May Probing the faint end of the z>3 quasar luminosity function O. Kuhn JAC, Hawaii
15 May VLT-FORS1 observations of NGC 6397: Evidence for Mass Segregation G. Andreuzzi Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
5 Jun Comets and Origin of Earth’s Water H. Campins Central Florida, USA
2 Jul Spectroscopic Investigations of Near-Earth Objects S. Marchi Padova, Italy
26 Nov Photometric Study of Young Active Stars S. Järvinen NOT
3 Dec CCD Ron Suppression Technique for Echelle Spectroscopy A. Järvinen NOT

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