Appendix C. Staff Organisation
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ING Annual Report 2002-2003

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Appendix C
Staff Organisation

As has been referred to elsewhere, the period covered by this Biennial Report saw the start of the implementation of the measures and strategies set out in ING’s Restructuring Plan of 2001. Inevitably, such an exercise has had a significant impact on staffing at the observatory, with the number of UK staff dropping from 36 to 26 between 1 April 2002 and 1 April 2004 and a reduction in locally employed staff from 28 to 17over the same period.  A few of these departures resulted from natural wastage but the majority of the staff left on redundancy terms.

However, the period in question was not one wholly of doom and gloom. Again as referred to elsewhere in the Report, Spain, through the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) made a significant increase in its contribution to the operation of ING in return for an increase in observing time for Spanish astronomers. Initially, this contribution was in the form of IAC employed staff seconded to work for ING. However, from 1 January 2004, the IAC’s contribution was due to be as cash and the IAC staff were scheduled to transfer to ING contracts of employment.

The list of staff in post on La Palma during 2002 and 2003 is set out below.


R. G. M. Rutten, Director
R. L. Miles, Bilingual Secretary (until 30.06.03)


M. Acosta (until 30.09.02)
E. C. Barreto (from 29.07.03)
T. E. Dorward (until 31.01.03)
L. I. Edwins, Head of Administration
A. Felipe (until 30.06.02)
N. L. González
L. A. Lawler
J. Martínez
B. Vander Elst
P. v. d. Velde (from 01.09.03)

G. Leeks (until 30.08.02)
J. Kaye (from 01.09.02 to 30.08.03)
E. C. Barnett (from 06.10.03)


T. Augusteijn (until 02.08.02)
M. Azzaro (until 09.01.04)
C. R. Benn
R. Corradi
B. M. García (until 21.11.02)
J. N. González
R. Greimel
J. H. Knapen (until 31.12.02)
P. Leisy (from 01.11.02)
D. J. Lennon, Head of Astronomy
J. Licandro (from 01.07.02)
C. Martín
J. Méndez
N. O’Mahoney
R. Østensen (from 16.06.03)
F. Prada (from 01.07.02 to 31.08.03)
S. Prins (until 30.09.03)
J. C. Rey
W. J. I. Skillen
P. Sorensen (until 20.07.03)
A. Zurita 

PPARC Postdoc:
C. Evans (from 14.01.02)

Marie Curie Fellows:
S. Els (from 01.04.02 to 26.02.04)
R. Østensen (until 15.04.03)
I. Söechting (from 25.11.02 to 10.10.03)

C. Bee (from 09.09.02 until 31.08.03)
C. Davenport (from 04.09.02 until 31.08.03)
S. Folkes (until 30.08.02)
A. García (from 01.09.02)
J. Goodger (from 04.09.02 until 31.08.03)
M. Lamensans (from 01.07.02 until 31.08.03)
F. Monterrey (05.2003)
D. Mislis (from 06.10.03)
D. Russell (from 11.08.03)
N. Styles (from 15.09.03)
C. Trundle (until 31.08.03)
H. Worters (until 30.08.02)


R. G. Talbot, Head of Engineering

Computing Facilities

D. C. Abrams, Group Leader
L. Hernández
G. F. Mitchell
J. Piñero
P. v. d. Velde (until 31.08.03)

Control Software

D. Armstrong
R. Bassom
C. Bevil
S. M. Crosby (until 06.10.02)
S. Goodsell
F. J. Gribbin, Group Leader
S. G. Rees
R. Rutherford (until 30.06.02)


C. Benneker
T. Gregory
A. Guillén
C. W. M. Jackman, Group Leader
K. Kolle (until 17.10.03)
R. Martínez
E. J. Mills (until 09.10.02)
P. C. Moore (until 30.09.02)
R. J. Pit
A. Ridings
S. J. Tulloch


M. Blanken
F. Concepción (until 31.08.03)
K. M. Dee, Group Leader
D. González
P. D. Jolley
S. Rodríguez
J. C. Pérez
M. v. d. Hoeven

Site Services

C. Alvarez (until 30.04.02)
A. K. Chopping, Group Leader
J. R. Concepción
J. M. Díaz
I. García (until 30.09.02)
D. Gray
M. V. Hernández (until 30.09.02)
C. Ramón (until 30.09.02)
M. Simpson (until 30.02.03)

NOTE: During the period covered by this report, the Electronics, Mechanical and Site Services Groups were restructured into two new groups: the Operations Team and the Telescope & Intrumentation Group. Their staffing was as set out below.

Operations Team

A. K. Chopping
J. R. Concepción
K. M. Dee, Operations Manager
J. M. Díaz
D. González
A. Guillén
D. Gray
R. Martínez
J. C. Pérez
R. Pit
S. Rodríguez

Telescope & Instrumentation

C. Benneker
M. Blanken
T. S. Gregory
A. K. Hide (from 17.03.2003), Group Leader
M. v. d. Hoeven
C. W. M. Jackman
P. D. Jolley
O. Martin (from 09.05.2003)
A. Ridings
S. M. Tulloch

N. Apostolakos (from 06.10.03)

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