Figure extracted from McDermid, R. et al., 2004, Astron. Nachr., 325, 100


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5 May 2005

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Conference organised by the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING)

Scientific programme

Final programme
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Times for presentations include questions and discussion

Sunday, May 8

18:00-21:00 Registration, welcome reception and buffet dinner

Monday, May 9
from 08:30Registration
09:00-09:05Welcome and opening of the workshop  - R. Rutten
09:05-09:20Adaptive Optics and the development strategy for the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope  - R. Rutten
Theme:Achievements of AO-assisted Integral Field Spectroscopy:Galaxies
Chair: Roland Bacon
09:20-10:05Potential science for OASIS with the laser  - S. Morris
10:05-10:35Near-infrared integral-field spectroscopy of violent starburst environments  - R. de Grijs
10:35-11:00The use of IFS to decouple the nucleus/host spectra of AGNs  - S. Sanchez
11:00-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:00VLT-SINFONI observation of Mrk609 & NACO observation of SDSS J003542.6+004735.1 - Two showcases for X-ray active galaxies chosen from a sample of AGN suitable for adaptive optics observations with natural guide stars  - J. Zuther
12:00-12:30Morphology and kinematics of the ionized gas in early-type galaxies  - J. Falcon-Barroso
12:30-13:00First Results from the SINFONI GTO Program  - R. Davies
13:00-14:30Lunch break
Chair: Thijs van der Hulst
14:30-15:15Nearby Early-Type Galaxy Nuclei with OASIS  - R. McDermid
15:15-15:45Uncovering the origin of activity in galaxies using Integral Field Spectroscopy  - R. Peletier
15:45-16:00Stellar Populations in Barred Spirals  - S. Cantin
16:00-16:15Integral field spectroscopy of NGC1068  - J. Allington-Smith
16:15-16:45Coffee break and workshop group photo
16:45-17:30AO assisted and integral field spectroscopy of galaxy nuclei  - N. Thatte
17:30-18:003D NIR spectroscopy of M 83 central region with subarcsecond resolution  - R. Diaz
18:00-19:00Drinks served and talk on the island of la Palma by J.M. Castro
Tuesday, May 10
Theme:Achievements of AO-assisted Integral Field Spectroscopy: Stars and Stellar Systems
Chair: Paulo Garcia
09:00-09:30Probing shocked structures in outflows from galactic nuclei and young stellar objects  - G. Cecil
09:30-09:45SINFONI Observations of Starclusters in Starburst Galaxies  - L. Tacconi-Garman
09:45-10:15The impact of AO-assisted integral field spectroscopy on brown dwarf research  - E. Martin
10:15-10:45A new T-association in the Cyg OB7 region  - I. Kovalenko
10:45-11:30Coffee break and poster session
11:30-12:15PSF-fitting techniques for crowded field 3D spectroscopy  - M. Roth
12:15-12:45Probing outflow activity in very low mass objects and brown dwarfs  - E. Whelan
12:45-13:00Compact stellar groups  - D. Lennon
13:00-14:30Lunch break
Chair: Gerald Cecil
14:30-15:15The past and future of starformation with IFSs  - P. Garcia
15:15-15:45The 3-dimensional structure of outflows from newborn stars from Gemini  - T.L. Beck
15:45-16:15Outflows from evolved stars with OASIS, NAOMI and GLAS  - R. Corradi
16:15-16:45Coffee break
Theme:Future instrumentation prospects for science exploitation
Chair: Niranjan Thatte
16:45-17:30Scientific prospects with MUSE at VLT  - R. Bacon
17:30-18:00GALACSI: The ground-layer AO system for MUSE  - R. Stuik
Wednesday, May 11
Theme:Future instrumentation prospects for science exploitation (continued)
09:00-09:25NAOMI/OASIS on-sky performance  - C. Benn
09:25-09:45GLAS: Development of a Rayleigh laser beacon for the WHT  - R. Rutten
09:45-10:15OSIRIS: Adaptive Optics assisted integral-field spectroscopy at Keck  - A. Quirrenbach
10:15-10:45SWIFT: An AO-assisted I,z band integral field spectrograph  - M. Tecza
10:45-11:00Integral Field Spectroscopy with Gemini: Support for IFU data in the Gemini IRAF package  - J. Turner
11:00-11:30Coffee break and poster session
11:30-12:00Simulations of extreme adaptive optics and integral field spectroscopy  - A. Berton
Theme:Optimizing scientific return
Chair: René Rutten
12:00-12:30Discussion session:
Opportunities for large scale survey observations.
Data reduction and calibration issues.
Improving the instrumentation suite.
From 12:45Afternoon visit to the observatory, including lunch