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Programme / Talks

22nd March. Plenary session in the lecture theatre, Geological Society.

09:30  Registration starts. Coffee, tea and pastries.

10:00  Introduction (Marc Balcells). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

10:20  MOS science on a 4-m telescope (Amina Helmi). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

10:40  Cosmology surveys (Ofer Lahav). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

11:00  PAU narrow-band cosmology survey (Francisco Javier Castander). PPT | PDF | AVI | Q&A.

11:15  Follow-up of radio surveys (Huub Röttgering). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

11:35  Follow-up of imaging surveys (Mike Irwin). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

11:55  WHT and the next generation of wide-field transient surveys (Mark Sullivan). PPTX | AVI | Q&A.

12:10  Galaxy clusters (David Carter). PPTX | AVI | Q&A.

12:30-13:25  Sandwich lunch.

13:25  Nearby unresolved galaxies (Reynier Peletier). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

13:45  Disks, star formation (Armando Gil de Paz). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

14:05  Milky Way surveys - IPHAS, UVEX (Janet Drew). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

14:25  Galactic archaeology (Gerry Gilmore). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

14:45  Stellar studies (Artemio Herrero-Davó). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

15:05  Substellar objects and Exoplanets (Rafael Rebolo). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

15:25  Time domain (Boris Gänsicke). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

15:45  Diffraction-limited imaging in the visible at the WHT (Craige Mackay). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

16:00  APOGEE: H-band multi-object spectroscopy around the galaxy (Carlos Allende Prieto). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

16:15  Discussion (chair: Don Pollacco). AVI.

16:55  Meeting ends.

22nd March. Posters, in the lower library, Geological Society.

ACAM - a new imager/spectrograph for the WHT (Benn et al). PDF.

AF2 reduction pipeline (Santander et al). PDF.

Li and Be abundances in stars with exoplanets (Israelian et al). PDF.

Sliced pupil gratings for increasing resolution of in-operation spectrographs (García Vargas et al). PDF.

The PAU camera (Castander et al). PDF.

Visiting instruments at the 4.2-m WHT (Rix et al). PDF.

23rd March. Specialist instrument session in the lecture theatre, Royal Astronomical Society.

09:30  Introduction (Marc Balcells). AVI | Q&A.

09:50  Instrumentation for Cosmological Surveys (Ray Sharples). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

10:05  New ideas for highly-multiplexed spectroscopy (Jeremy Allington-Smith). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

10:20  VPH-based mid-high resolution spectrograph design (Gavin Dalton). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

10:40  Fiber positioner development for survey instruments (Marco Azzaro). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

10:55-11:10  Tea/coffee.

11:10  2-degree WHT PF optical correctors (Tibor Agòcs). PPTX | AVI | Q&A.

11:30  Wide-field correctors for WHT: forward-Cassegrain options (David King). PPT | AVI | Q&A.

11:45  Specs for a wide-feld IFU (Scott Trager). PDF | AVI | Q&A.

12:00  Discussion. AVI.

13:15  End of session.