The Southern Crab
EuroConference on

27-31 May 2002
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
The Southern Crab

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Nebulae around symbiotic stars


The web upload form for the proceedings is now available.

The proceedings will be published as part of the Conference Series of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

The deadline for submission of camera-ready manuscripts is August 15, 2002. Manuscripts received after this date may not be included in the Proceedings book.

The allocated page limits are
Invited reviews 15 pages
Contributed talks 4 pages
Poster papers 4 pages

All manuscripts must be prepared in PASPs latex format. You can copy the PASP style file and a template file with instructions for authors.

How to submit your manuscript

All contributions must be submitted using a special web upload form. You should submit the following documentation by the deadline:

The LaTeX file of your contribution(s)
Files for any diagrams or images (in a gzip'ed tar archive)
A postscript file of the article in its final form (gzip'ed)

The postscript file is for reference purposes only and will serve to ensure that all the matter pertaining to the contribution has been received by the editors. All contributions will be peer reviewed and edited for content and style.


  • Read carefully and follow the instructions to authors given in the file newpaspman.tex. ASP house style will be rigorously imposed by the editors.
  • Use American spelling throughout.
  • Don't alter the basic ASP format regarding line spacing, indentation, etc. If your contribution doesn't fit within the allocated page limits then it's too long and should be cut rather than the format altered!
  • Bear in mind that your contribution will be reduced to 90 per cent of its original size by the printer, so that all illustrations, together with their labelling, must be large enough to remain legible after reduction.
  • Prepare your illustrations in greyscale (reproducing colour in greyscale often results in lower resolution and contrast). Colour is permitted, but you will have to pay ASP approx. $1000 per page of colour.
  • Remember not to use colour names in the text or captions if your illustration are in greyscale.
  • Follow ApJ editorial style in general and referencing style in particular (see newpaspman.tex for details).
  • Check that all the reference quoted in the text of your contribution are listed in the bibliography, and that all the references listed are cited in the text.
  • Check that all your bibliographical references are complete.
  • Keep the editors updated on the status of any astro-ph references and supply the full bibliographical details if and when they become available.
  • Put your full postal address after the name of your institution in the preamble.
  • If you change your address before the publication of the proceedings, please inform the editors accordingly so that they may ensure that you receive your copy of the proceedings.
  • If you have any problems or difficulties with newpasp.sty or any other questions relating to the editing of your manuscript , please write to Terry Mahoney (

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2002
Saskia Prins