The Southern Crab
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27-31 May 2002
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

The Southern Crab

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Nebulae around symbiotic stars

Poster presentations

Baludansky, D., Skopal, A. Two types of outbursts in classical symbiotic stars
M. Bogdanov, O. Taranova Parameters of the Dust Envelope of the Symbiotic Star CH Cygni.
F.R. Boffi and Adam Riess The Type Ia Supernova 1998aq and the Hubble Constant
F. Boschi, U. Munari Criteria for spectral classification of cool stars in the near-IR
E. Brandi, K. Kulczycki, J.Mikolajewska, C. Quiroga Ferrer, Garcia The spectroscopic orbits and other parameters of the symbiotic binary FN Sgr
C. Brocksopp, M.F. Bode, S.P.S. Eyres, M.M. Crocker, R. Davis, A.R. Taylor The central binary and surrounding nebula of the symbiotic star V1016 Cygni
M. Eriksson, S. Johansson, G.M. Wahlgren Temporal variations of Fe II fluorescence lines in the symbiotic star AG Peg.
F.C. Fekel Rotational Velocities of Symbiotic Stars
O.E. Ferrer, C. Quiroga, E. Brandi and L. García The symbiotic system KX TrA
S. Frackowiak, M. Mikolajewski, T. Tomov Possible pulsations of the M giant in MCW 560
M. Friedjung, Galis, Hric, Petrik Confirmation of second period of AG Dra in radial velocity
Galis, R., Hric, L., Friedjung, M., Petrik, K. More on what are probably pulsations of the cool component of the symbiotic binary AG Dra
L.G. García, E. Brandi, O. Ferrer, C. Quiroga Linear polarization of seven symbiotic binaries
C. Giammanco, J. Beckman, A. Zurita, R. CorradiTransfer of ionizing radiation in a clumpy medium
E.Giro, C.Pernechele, T.Tomov, U.Munari Spectro/photo-polarimetry of symbiotic stars at Asiago Observatory
D. Goncalves, A. Mampaso, S. Navarro & R. Corradi The "jet" of R Aqr a decade later
R. Gonzalez-Riestra, R.F. Viotti, C. Rossi et al New orbital parameters and interactive phenomena in the MI+Be system KQ Puppis
A. Henden & U. Munari UBVRI photometric sequences around symbiotic stars
K. Hinkle, F. Fekel, R. Joyce, P. Wood, M. Skrutskie Infrared velocities of symbiotic stars
M. Isogai, Y. Ikeda, K.S. Kawabata, M. Seki The polarimetric evidence of the circumstellar dust in symbiotic star Z And
Kamath, N.M. Ashok Near infrared spectra of some symbiotic stars
J. Lutz and G. Wallerstein V471 per, HDE 330036 and AS 201
T. Maas & H. van Winckel Radial velocity monitoring of the RV Tauri-like IRAS objects
L. Magrini, R. L. M. Corradi, U. Munari A search for symbiotic stars in the Local Group
Marrese P.M., Munari U. High resolution spectral survey of symbiotic stars in the near-IR over the GAIA wavelenght range
J. Mikolajewska, Ivison, R.J., Omont, A. Mm/submm observations of symbiotic binary stars
J. Mikolajewska, E.A. Kotilov, V.I. Shenavrin, B.F. Yudin Ellipsoidal variability of symbiotic giants
J. Mikolajewska, D.R. Goncalves, R.L.M. Corradi, & A. Mampaso Near infrared photometry of symbiotic stars at the Teide Observatory
U. Munari, A. Henden & T. Zwitter A multi-epoch UBVRI photometric catalogue of symbiotic stars
U. Munari, A. Henden An astrometric catalogue of symbiotic stars
T. Nagae, T. Matsuda, H. Fujiwara, I. Hachisu, H. Boffin Wind accretion in a binary. Mass accretion rates
T. Nagel, S. Dreizler, K. Werner Modelling accretion disks with AcDc
J. Osiwala Recent slow nova V838 Mon
P. Gil-Pons and E. García-Berro Detailed evolutionary scenarios leading to the formation of symbiotic stars
T. Pribulla, D. Chochol, S. Parimucha Photometric and spectroscopic study of the symbiotic nova V1329 Cyg
Puss, A., Leedjaerv, L. Variable Halpha line in the interacting binary star AX Monocerotis.
C. Quiroga; J. Mikolajewska E. Brandi; O. Ferrer; L. Garcia Spectroscopic and polarimetric study of the symbiotic star AR Pavonis.
M. Schmidt & Joanna Mikolajewska Near infrared spectra of a sample of symbiotic stars
A. Siviero HeI emission lines in symbiotic stars
P. Sobotka, Ondrej Pejcha, Ladislav Smelcer, P. Marek Observations of possible carbon symbiotic star V335 Vul
P. Sorensen & D.Pollacco Binary central stars in PNe
M. Stute, M. Camenzind Numerical Simulations of the Jet of MWC 560
N. Tomov, M. Tomova and R. Zamanov Spectral observations of Z Andromedae during quiescence and its 2000 active phase

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