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{ This manual is intended to give enough detail for astronomers to take IR images with WHIRCAM on the WHT. Many thanks are due to Colin Aspin (JAC) for supplying a preliminary version of the IRCAM3 manual, upon which much of these notes are based, especially Appendices A and B. A more detailed document describing WHIRCAM's optics, ALICE, mounting and alignment, etc, has been produced by P.F.Roche, and is available on request (a copy is also held in the WHT control room).

WHIRCAM is an infrared imaging camera built for the WHT (the 4.2 m William Herschel Telescope on La Palma) by Pat Roche (Oxford) in collaboration with Joel Sylvester, Magnus Patterson, David Laird and Phil Puxley (ROE).

Shaun Hughes
Thu Mar 14 14:48:38 GMT 1996