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WHIRCAM is controlled by a Vaxstation 4000 running a slightly modified version of the UKIRT IRCAM package, which employs Screen Management System (SMS) screens running under Adam. Status screens display the instrument configuration and the transputer activity while an SMS menu is used to control the instrument and initiate data taking sequences. Instrument configurations can be retrieved from the Vaxstation disk and combined in observing sequences within EXEC files. The telescope can be controlled from within the EXECs; for example it can be stepped in a grid pattern to form a mosaic and/or a dither pattern (for median filtering of hot pixels, etc from frames). Alternatively, a sequence of measurements in different filters with a number of different telescope offsets can be initiated. The data are stored on a 2 Gbyte disk in SDF format.

Shaun Hughes
Thu Mar 14 14:48:38 GMT 1996