Seeing and Image Quality at the William Herschel Telescope

HAP People Staff from the ING and elsewhere working on the HAP  are :
Richard Wilson, based at Durham University. Richard is a PPARC fellow and works on AO and JOSE (seeing evaluation for adaptive optics at the WHT). He contributed the JOSE wavefront sensor results and analysis shown here, and wrote the text for these pages.
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Chris Packham, now at the University of Florida. While working as Support Astronomer at the ING, Chris took up the position of project scientist of HAP after joining ING in early 1997 and in mid 1998 took over as project manager. The HAP team has four key science members and is supplemented by several engineering staff. Chris left ING service in July 2000 to work at the University of Florida.
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Neil O'Mahony, Telescope Operator at the ING, and Graduate Student in the Half Arcsecond Programme. Main contributions have been to observe and analyse data in JOSE/DIMM and AUX/DIMM experiments. He has presented project results to several audiences, including IAU Workshop Site2000, last November.

Marco Azzaro, Telescope Operator at ING. Responsible for the characterisation of many aspects of the temperature differences affecting WHT seeing. He has produced data for the ING Meteorological Report which has been used in this programme.
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Peter Sorensen, Telescope Operator at the ING 1996-2002. Was responsible for the development of the WWW interface to the ING weather station. With this interface it is possible to monitor the current weather situation and statistics across the net.

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