Seeing and Image Quality at the William Herschel Telescope



Why the Half Arcsecond Programme was set up.
Results Summary
Six findings from the programme
Major publications by the HAP team
HAP People
Staff from the ING and elsewhere working on the HAP
Intrinsic Seeing quality at the WHT site:  DIMM 
All about DIMM
Comparison with other observatory sites
ESO/Chile comparisons
WHT Seeing: 'JOSE' Wavefront sensor 
All about JOSE
Dome Seeing or None ?
WHT Dome Seeing and Comparisons
Telescope Focus and Optical Quality
Shack-Hartman wavefront sensor measurements
Tracking stability
All about the WHT tracking system
Outer scale of Turbulence
Noll's analysis; measurements of the FWHM stellar images

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