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Visitors at the William Herschel Telescope
Image of M100 galaxy obtained with the Isaac Newton Telescope

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Public Information at ING - Latest News and Upcoming Events

26 April. A Star is Born. LIRIS captures the impetuous birth of a star in the Orion constellation. IAC Press Release.
22 April. First light of PLANETPOL at the William Herschel Telescope.
16 April. Inauguration of SuperWASP from ING's sea-level office remotely.
31 March. Andromeda Galaxy - Cannibal on our doorstep?. 2004 NAM Press Release.
15 February. ING Newsletter No. 7, December 2003 available online.
12 February. M81 and SN 1993J's companion: Astronomy Picture of the Day.
10 February. GLAS (Ground-layer Laser Adaptive optics System). A Rayleigh laser beacon for NAOMI .
9 February.New Instruments give UK Astronomers Control of the Time Domain. RAS Press Release.
29 January. Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque visits the William Herschel Telescope.
26 January. Massive Old Star Reveals Secrets On Deathbed. ING Telescopes involved in supernova progenitor discovery. PPARC Press Release.
12-14 January. Course on Adaptive Optics organised by ING.

Previous News and Events

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Note: For publication or display (electronic or otherwise), all the images on these web pages must be credited: "Photo courtesy of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, La Palma" unless otherwise stated. Please send a message to Javier Méndez (PR Officer) with all the details of the publication. We also have three more different credits: short, long, and very long. Thank you very much. 

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