Chris Benn

Head of Astronomy

Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Tel. +34 922 425432 (sea-level office)

Current WHT projects

I'm project scientist for the William Herschel Telescope's new imager/spectrograph ACAM, and also work on the proposed highly-multiplexed wide-field spectrograph for WHT prime focus - WEAVE.

I'm manager of the WHT, and instrument specialist for adaptive optics (NAOMI).

Current research projects

BAL quasars - In collaboration with astronomers from Bologna, Leiden, Santander and Virginia Tech, I'm investigating the nature of the high-velocity outflows in broad-absorption-line quasars. Over the last few years, we've obtained data from a variety of telescopes for this project: INT, Keck, Mercator, NOT, TNG, VLT and WHT in the optical/near-IR, IRAM and JCMT at sub-mm wavelengths, and Effelsberg, GMRT, VLA, VLBA and WSRT in the radio.

Other activities

Click here for my pages about other topics, including sky brightness, the citation impact of large telescopes, astronomy on the QM2, and crosswords for pan-dimensional beings.

La Palma

Click here for pictures, and information about the island of La Palma.

My publications, and listing in ADS, listing in astro-ph

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