Fill out the template below (instructions in square brackets) and email both the observers at the telescope and
Subject can be "Override request, triggered by W/2014A/01 (Smith)".

Override programme:
[eg: W/2014A/01]

[give the date of the beginning of the night on which you expect your observations, eg: 14 May 2016]

Response time scale:
[eg: immediately, not later than 30 minutes, or on a more relaxed timeline; include age of
the burst if a GRB; specify night if triggered well before observations are requested;
unless specifically required, say if twilight can be acceptable]

Contact phone number during observations:

Instruments and setups:
[include modes, detector readout and binning, filters, slit width and position angle]

Target, coordinates and magnitude:
[include description and any other useful information. Provide differential (non-sidereal)
tracking rates in seconds/second (RA) and arcseconds/second (Dec) for fast moving targets,
more info: TCS catalog format]

Observing sequence:
[include dithering patterns, whether autoguiding is necessary or not, calibrations required
(bias, flats, standards). If possible, please prepare an observing script: if requesting
ACAM, include here a script using these ACAM override observing sequences; other observing
sequences can be made using these links: IDS, ISIS, LIRIS (Im, Sp, ImPol, SpPol), WFC (contact
the Override Manager at or instrument specialist for assistance). Take
into account instrument overheads when planning your sequence: the whole block cannot exceed
your total allowed time per trigger. Calibrations: say which ones are required on sky, and so,
accounted for in the length of the observing script, and which ones can be done off sky. The
lattest might be obtained on the same night or another]

Finding charts:
[include them as an attachment or an URL address; include orientation, scale, band, and mark

[comment on instrument setup flexibility, observing constraints (seeing, target visbility), etc.]

Override web pages:
[it is important that you include the URL above in your email]

Report to:
[include the names and the emails of the people to whom the night report and the data should
be emailed]