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This appendix summarises the filters available for use with the ING telescopes. Tables gif and gif list the filters available for CCD imaging. All of these are 50 mm square, except where otherwise noted, and can be used at all the imaging instruments: JKT Cass, INT Prime, WHT Prime and WHT AUX port. Apart from the filter characteristics we also give some telescope specific information. At the end of this appendix we list in Tables gif and gif the larger, circular, filters available for imaging and for Fabry-Perot spectroscopy with TAURUS-2 on the WHT, and in Table gif the filters available for CCD imaging at WHT prime focus, which are 125mm in diameter. The information in this document comes from various sources: the La Palma Technical Notes 45, 73, 75 and 90, the INT Prime Focus manual, and a List of Optical Components compiled by Chris Benn.

Filter transmission curves can be found in graphical and tabular form on the ING Information pages of the Cambridge World-Wide Web server, and on the La Palma World-Wide Web server.

Filter transmission curves for ING filters

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