GHRIL visiting instruments (all using the ING bench)

GHaFaS:  (contact: John Beckman, Kambiz Fathi )

Uses no derotator! The acronym GHaFaS stands for Galaxy Halpha Fabry-Perot System. It uses a high sensitivity photon counting detector.


·        No derotator!

·        Targets and alignment laser are required for setting up.

·        GHaFaS is stored in the dome. Some parts are kept in the dedicated cabinet. The GHaFaS PC is stored in the control room and should be setup in the visitor console.

Setup before 1st night

After assembling the instrument on the GHRIL bench it has to be accurately aligned with the laser by the visiting instrument team. There is no autoguider and no TV. They require a 115V transformer (usually left in GHRIL) and air (can be taken from WYFFOS).

TO notes



The ADC-part of Expo is mounted on the rotator.

Expo notes.



Is mounted on the rotator. Rotator hardware limits must be in place to protect instrument and fibres.

Derotator change, Instrument change, DE checks, TO notes



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