SDSU based Autoguider Drawings

SDSU01 Overview

SDSU02 RGO head modifications  ( not used )

SDSU03 Junction Box (not used )

SDSU04 SDSU internal wiring

SDSU05 Auxillary board & Utility board modifications

SDSU06 External cabling ( not used )

SDSU07 Peltier and fan PSUs

          SDSU08 Cabling for ING head with 2.5V peltier

        SDSU09 47-20 head circuit diagram

          SDSU10 Cabling for ING head with 5V peltier

          47-20 AG/TV cable

          47-20 PCB voltage
          Cass. A&G box autoguider external wiring

          Cass. A&G box autoguider internal wiring

          Cass. autoguider photo 1

          Cass. autoguider photo 2

          AG7 Simplexing Head Cabling

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