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The INSTUES packet

The INSTUES packet lists the header items which define the state of the Utrecht Echelle Spectrograph. The header records should be as follows:

UESCWAVE= REAL                / Central wavelength (A)
UESCORDE= INTEGER             / Central order number
UESDISPE= REAL                / Dispersion (A/mm)
UESDISPX= REAL                / Dispersion (A/pix)
UESSWAVE= REAL                / Start wavelength (A)
UESEWAVE= REAL                / End wavelength (A)
UESSLITA= INTEGER             / Angle of slit from horizontal (mdegs)
UESSLOFF= REAL                / Setup offset applied to slit angle (mdegs)
UESSWACT= REAL                / Actual slit width (microns)
UESSWSKY= REAL                / Slit width on sky (arcsec)
UESSWPIX= REAL                / Slit width on detector (pixels)
UESSLACT= REAL                / Actual slit length (mm)
UESSLSKY= REAL                / Slit length on sky (arcsec)
UESSLPIX= REAL                / Slit length on detector (pixels)
UESPIXL = REAL                / Assumed pixel-length (microns)
UESPIXW = REAL                / Assumed pixel-width (microns)
UESDEKKE= INTEGER             / Position of UES dekker (microns)
UESFOCMO= CHAR                / Name of focal modifier lens
UESCOLLI= CHAR                / UV or wide collimator
UESFOCUS= INTEGER             / Collimator focus
UESHART = CHAR                / Hartmann unit in or out of beam
UESHARTP= CHAR                / Position of Hartmann shutter 
UESPRISM= CHAR                / Prism in or out of beam
UESPPOS = INTEGER             / Prism translation (0.1mm)
UESECHEL= CHAR                / Echelle selected (E31 or E79)
UESTHETA= INTEGER             / Tilt (theta) of selected echelle (mdegs)
UESGAMMA= INTEGER             / Rotation (gamma) of selected echelle (mdegs)
UESTHEOF= REAL                / Setup offset applied to theta (mdegs)
UESGAMOF= REAL                / Setup offset applied to gamma (mdegs)
UESCLED = CHAR                / State of camera flat-field LEDs 
UESCSHUT= CHAR                / State of camera shutter
UESPMASK= CHAR                / State of camera pinhole mask
UESTEMP1= REAL                / Temperature 1 of prism assembly 
UESTEMP2= REAL                / Temperature 2 of prism assembly 
UESTEMP3= REAL                / Temperature 3 of prism assembly 
UESTEMP4= REAL                / Temperature 1 of camera
UESTEMP5= REAL                / Temperature 2 of camera
UESTEMP6= REAL                / Ambient temperature
UESTEMP7= REAL                / Temperature of cover
UESTEMP8= REAL                / Temperature of table
PAOFFSET= REAL                / Slit p.a. - telescope p.a. (degs)


Craige Bevil