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The INSTWYF packet

The INSTWYF packet lists the header items which define the state of the WYFFOS Spectrograph. The header records should be as follows:

CENWAVE =                     / Approx. central wavelength (Angstroms)
LINESMM =                     / No. of grating rulings per mm
DISPERSI=                     / Nominal dispersion (Angstroms/mm)
WYFCONF =                     / WYFFOS Configuration (Reflection or Transmission)
WYFFEED =                     / Fibre Feed Identification
WYFFILTA=                     / Filter A name
WYFFILTB=                     / Filter B name
WYFFOCUS=                     / Slit focus setting (microns)
WYFSTRAN=                     / Slit translation setting (microns)
WYFHART =                     / State of Hartmann shutters
WYFGRAT =                     / Name of grating
WYFTHETA=                     / Angle of grating (millidegrees)
WYFLAMPS=                     / WYFFOS Comparison Lamps
WYFTEMP =                     / WYFFOS Temperature at approx. start of exposure (deg C)
WYFHUM  =                     / WYFFOS Relative Humidity at approx. start of exposure (% RH)

Craige Bevil