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The NACQGUID packet

The NACQGUID packet lists the header items which define the state of the Nasmyth Acquisition and Guidance unit used for UES observing. The header records should be as follows:

NAGMIRRO= CHAR                / Position of A&G box mirror 
NAGLAMPS= CHAR                / A&G box comparison lamps
NAGSHUTS= CHAR                / A&G box lamp shutters open
NAGCFILC= CHAR                / A&G box comparison colour filter
NAGCFILN= CHAR                / A&G box comparison ND filter
NAGCDIFF= CHAR                / A&G box comparison unit diffuser
NAGCSLIT= CHAR                / A&G box comparison unit slit
NAGMFILC= CHAR                / A&G box main colour filter
NAGMFILN= CHAR                / A&G box main ND filter
NAGMFILA= CHAR                / A&G box main auxiliary filter
NAGAFILT= CHAR                / Autoguider filter
NAGAUTOF= INTEGER             / Autoguider focus (microns)
NAGAUTOX= INTEGER             / X position of autoguider probe
NAGAUTOY= INTEGER             / Y position of autoguider probe
NAGDDOOR= CHAR                / State of dark-slide hatch
NAGFDOOR= CHAR                / State of filter hatch   
NAGCDOOR= CHAR                / State of calibration-unit hatch

Craige Bevil