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The INSTLDSS packet

The INSTLDSS packet lists the header items which define the state of LDSS-2. The header records should be as follows:

LDSMASK = CHAR              / Name of aperture mask
LDSFILTE= CHAR              / Name of filter
LDSGRISM= CHAR              / Name of grism in beam
LDSFOCUS= INTEGER           / Camera focus (microns)
LDSDOORS= CHAR              / Status of access hatches
LDSFRAT = REAL              / F ratio of camera 
LDSSCALE= REAL              / Plate  scale (arcsec/mm)
PAOFFSET= REAL              / Slit p.a. - tel. p.a. (degs)
PAOFFSET= REAL              / Instrument p.a. - telescope p.a. (degs)

Craige Bevil